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3 Benefits of Designing with Skylights

By December 16, 2019January 14th, 2020No Comments

Whether you’re working on a retrofit or a new build, you’re counting up your costs and trying to determine what features are must-haves and what you can do without. Every decision boils down to efficiency and cost. While some design elements seem more for aesthetics than functionality, daylighting is one key detail that strikes the perfect balance of the two. Learn how daylighting — and daylights incorporating tension membrane structures — can add to your project.

Easy installation

Skylights aren’t all that difficult to install. In fact, recent developments have made them much easier to implement over the years. The latest polycarbonate skylights on the market are extremely durable and insulate well, making them an excellent choice. 

Combining daylights with a tension membrane structure gives you other creative opportunities. Tensioned fabric panels made of ETFE foil, a highly translucent fabric, can extend to cover skylights. Tensioned membrane structures designed as PTFE membrane skylights can create a comforting atmosphere by allowing a soft, warm light into a space.

Energy efficiency 

Everyone’s constantly searching for ways to reduce costs, including looking at how energy efficiency can save money. When it comes to buildings, daylighting, or using natural light from the sun, it can make a significant impact on energy and cost savings. 

While skylights were once thought to use more energy due to glazing, they’re a vital way to conserve energy. During the daytime, skylights can reduce the need for artificial lighting — that’s a 40 percent savings for commercial buildings. Additionally, a roof light area of 15 to 20 percent can reduce CO2 emissions. 

Daylighting can also contribute toward LEED credits of a project. When looking for a simple, cost-effective way to increase energy efficiency, start with daylighting.

Improve wellbeing and productivity

We’re all familiar with the benefits of exposure to sunlight and how it boosts the mood. When designing interior spaces, daylighting has been proven to improve morale and productivity in environments such as workplaces, schools, hospitals and, more. In shops and stores, skylights can increase sales by 5.5 percent compared to locations without natural lighting. 

Many factors come into play in the efficiency of a building or space. There are many advantages to incorporating skylights — and even membrane skylights — that can take your next project to another level. 

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