Helms Bakery Parking Structure

Eide designed and engineered the receiver brackets, hardware attachments and facade panels to be engineered for 110 MPH Wind-Loads, Exposure "B". Non-Combustible, Serge Ferrari STAMISOL FT P35 teflon-coated fiberglass fabric was selected due to its durable 30+ year lifespan.

This expanding technology enables architects & designers the flexibility to offer clients alternate, affordable & low-maintenance design solutions.

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Helms Bakery Install 0:24

CR Sea Otter Install 0:58

Did you Know?

Eide is one of the most respected names in the shade structure industry, and we are proud to be owned and operated in the United States.  We recommend and use only the highest quality Facid hardware, textile fabrics, and digital graphics products to integrate with your projects.  How may Eide Facade Systems help you today?

  • New Design
  • Conservative Renovation
  • Added UV Protection
  • Increase LEED Energy Performance
  • Sustainability
  • Corporate Branding