How to Upgrade a Building Exterior with Tension Structures

By December 2, 2019 December 16th, 2019 No Comments

When you’re working with an aging building, you have many solutions to compare. Do you remodel the existing structure, or do you demolish and start over from scratch? While new construction can be more expensive, tension structures give you the opportunity to renovate in place and add in many benefits without the extra time and costs associated with a new build. 

Here are four different ways to use tensile structures to upgrade a building exterior vs. new construction.

Modernize the facade 

A dated building can be an eyesore. Rather than start anew, tension structures can be added to the exterior of an old building, giving it the facelift it needs to look current. A tensile facade can be used to cover the entire building and dramatically overhaul the design. Not only is this less expensive than construction costs, but it’s also not permanent, so you have the flexibility to change out the exterior style more often if you wish.

Create an iconic look

Use tensile structures and facades to add a standout design element to the exterior of your building, giving it a unique identity. Whether it’s a tensile facade with a graphic design covering all of part of your building, or a shaded entryway, a tension structure can welcome patrons to your establishment and help with wayfinding.

Protect the structure

Tensile structures, facades, canopies, and shades all can shelter buildings and entrances from inclement weather and UV rays. Tension structures enhance a building’s durability and protect items inside the building (such as artwork and furnishings) from fading. Not to mention, lightweight tensile structures are virtually maintenance-free. 

Increase energy efficiency 

We’re all familiar with the urban heat island effect, in which cities are warmer than rural areas due to pollution. With tension structures, you can increase a building’s energy efficiency because they block UV rays and solar heat gain. This reduces the need for air conditioning and reduces energy costs. Additionally, it gives more control over shading the building from the sun, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Tension structures are an affordable solution to drastically transform the exterior of a building and increase its value. Offering low maintenance and design flexibility consider a tension structure for your next project.

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