This intricate array of tension canopies was part of a “Job Order Contract” for Arizona State University that was conducted in coordination with SDB General Contractors and the architectural design firm of Studio MA.  Although each fabric canopy module is identical in shape, they have been uniquely arranged to create a playful pattern across the ASU Memorial Union Plaza right in the heart of the campus.

The project is comprised of (29) 8 inch diameter posts, each standing 24 feet off the ground, and (14) canopy modules, each at 16 feet wide and 32 feet long. The canopy module frames are made from 6 inch diameter rolled steel. Each canopy module was designed with two layers of mesh PVC fabric membranes (Ferrari 492). The two layers of fabric create a dynamic kaleidoscope effect as you stroll beneath the shade. At night, the canopies are well lit with a revolving spectrum of colorful lights.