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Tension Structure Durability: The Increasing Importance

By April 6, 2020April 13th, 2020No Comments

ThBuilding durability is often on the top of the list for any property owner. Who doesn’t want to have structures that will last, after all? While tension structures have several distinct advantages over more traditional materials like metal and glass, the one that stands out the most is their ability to survive for years with very little investment. Tension structures have the unique combination of design and material sourcing to look brand new even a decade down the road. Simply put, traditional structures cannot make the same claim. But what if we told you that the value we put on this durability is only going to grow moving forward? Making the right decision on your next construction project now could potentially impact your bottom line for the foreseeable future. Here’s why tension structure durability is more important than ever:

Tension Structure Durability: Maintenance Costs

It’s no secret that we are in the midst of an unprecedented economic event. The advent of COVID-19 and its arrival onto U.S. soil has caused mass closures and quarantines around the country. As a result, the Centers for Disease Control has advised many government leaders to keep our work force at home. While the future is unknown in terms of the virus’ permanent effect on our economy, one thing is for certain: our infrastructure must be able to cope with our new reality.

Maintaining traditional roofing structures can cost an arm and a leg. They can easily fall into disarray when there is a shortage of labor or financing to take care of them. We saw this during the recession when many buildings in the hardest-hit places were nearly falling apart. The truth about the short-term outlook is that buildings may not have access to the maintenance and cleaning crews that they have grown accustomed to. That’s where tension structures shine. When compared to similarly-sized conventional structures, they exhibit unparalleled durability and low maintenance costs from top to bottom.

Tension Structure Durability: Weather Phenomena

Another trend we see across the country is the increase in severe weather phenomena. From tornadoes to hurricanes and everything in between, these weather encounters push our structures to their limits. Traditional brick and mortar roofing options often take a big hit when the above described happens near the property. Major damages can send rebuilding costs soaring, only to have to repeat the cycle again and again as other natural disasters occur.

It’s another realm where tension structures truly excel. We design our fabrics to take on a whole range of possibilities. From the heaviest of snowfalls to the rowdiest of floods and wind speeds; tension structure owners can rest assured that they’re in good hands. We test all of our materials to ensure tension structure durability. Take PTFE fiberglass, for example. Originally designed for NASA, this material is able to retain its integrity in arctic temperatures while enduring unimaginable winds at the same time.

Start Your Tension Structure Initiative

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