Terasaki Research Institute | Tension StructuresProudly manufacturing in the United States since 1938, Tension Structures (a division of Eide Industries, Inc.) are fabricated in our 41,000 square foot Southern California facility. Eide Industries combines proven industry standards, technical expertise, professional turn-key services, state-of-the-art equipment, and high performance materials to manufacture customized products with uncompromising quality and engineered design-build details.

We specialize in design, manufacturing and installation of structurally complex and creatively challenging commercial, government and prototype design projects regardless of job size, scope of work or administrative demands. Eide welcomes any opportunity to partner with projects that require compliance with FAR, DIR and OATELS, Prevailing Wages, Apprenticeship Programs, and Union Labor Agreements.

Eide Industries Inc. is a custom manufacturer of not only tension structures, but also commercial shade structures, awnings, canopies, architectural designed structures, industrial sewn canvas products, cabanas, transporter canopies and framed protective covers. We specialize in complex and difficult commercial, government and prototype design projects regardless of job size, scope of work or administrative demands.

Los Angeles City Approved Fabricators 1716 Type 1
California Division of Industrial Relations 1000001648
California Contractors License 211771, B, C10, C61, D03
Arizona Contractors License 133892 Commercial Class L-3
Arizona Contractors License 133893 Residential Class C-3
Hawaii Contractors License C33409 Class C-44B Awnings & Patio Covers
Nevada Contractors Lic. 68053 C14H Awnings & Louvers (Limit $1 Million)
Nevada Contractors Lic. 68052 B-5 Pre-Fabricated Steel Structures (Limit $1 Million)
Washington State Contractors License EIDEIII893QW Awnings, Canopies, Patio Covers, Exterior Screens


MasterFormat 2016

05-12-00 – Structural Steel Framing
05-19-13 – Facade Support Truss Assemblies
10-71-13.43 – Fixed Sun Screen
10-73-00 – Protective Covers
10-73-13 – Awnings
10-73-16 – Canopies
10-73-26 – Walkway Covering
13-30-00 – Special Structures
13-31-00 – Fabric Structures
13-31-23 – Tensioned Fabric Structures
13-31-33 – Framed Fabric Structures
13-34-00 – Fabricated Engineered Structures
13-34-23 – Fabricated Structures


MasterFormat 1995

10530 – Protective Covers
10535 – Canopies
10536 – Awnings
13120 – Pre-Engineered Structures
13130 – Cable Supported and Fabric Structures
13132 – Fabric Architecture