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Wausau City Square

Wausau, WI


Powerlight Springs Preserve

Las Vegas, NV


Google Kirkland Campus

Kirkland, WA


USC Tennis Stadium

Los Angeles, CA


Rasmussen BMW Dealership

Portland, Oregon


Lake Forest Sports Park

Lake Forest, CA


Discover New Solutions to Conventional Design Challenges

About Tension Structures

Tension Structures (a division of Eide Industries, Inc.) provides expertise in design-build services helping architects and owners develop their tensile membrane project ideas, construct iconic structures and ultimately create a compelling and exciting atmosphere.

Tension structures or tensile fabric structures are architecturally innovative forms of construction art that provide designers and end users a variety of aesthetic free-form canopy designs utilizing membranes such as PTFE-coated fiberglass or PVC. Design-build tensioned fabric structures are engineered and fabricated to meet worldwide structural, flame retardant, a weather proofing and natural forces requirements.

Benefits of Tension Fabric Structures

  • Beautifully Diffused Daylighting
  • Flexible Design Aesthetics
  • Longstanding Durability & Sustainable
  • Lightweight in Nature
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Cost Efficient
  • Ability to Span Long Distances
  • Variety of Fabric Selection