Eide Industries manufactured and supervised the installation of thirty-nine tensioned panels above the parking lots for the Powerlight Springs Preserve for the Las Vegas Valley Water District.

The LVVWD, Huntington Design Associations, Inc. (structural engineer) and Powerlight Corporation (Photovoltaic Contractor) wanted to attach tensioned fabric beneath steel frames for aesthetics and to increase light reflection to the lower sides of solar photovoltaic array panels.

Standard white Ferrari Precontraint 492 mesh fabric served the dual purpose of resonating solar energy and providing shade protection for the combined 39,000 square foot coverage area. A variety of galvanized and PVC sheathed steel cabling, stainless steel, membrane plates and clamp bars provided the tensioned support at engineered pick-up points along the valley cable perimeter for each panel.

Eide Industries’ project management, in-house fabrication capabilities and experienced professional staff successfully delivered the project ahead of schedule.


Project Name: Powerlight Springs Preserve LVVWD
Project Location: Las Vegas, NV
Membrane Type: Serge Ferrari Precontraint 492 lightweight PVC mesh fabric
Total Project Size: Combined coverage area is 39,000 square feet.