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Design Development Do you know what you want, but have difficultly visualizing the final solution?

More often than not, tensile architecture often requires a design strategy involving a wide variety of shapes, materials, and tensioning decisions. Offering design assist services working with architects and owners, Eide Industries’ preliminary design and rendering capabilities will help bring your tensioned fabric structure to life.

It all starts with your idea, plan or concept. With your imagination and Eide’s expertise, we will work together to configure the most efficient and economical design using only high-quality tensile membranes that offer grace, beauty, strength, and functionality. Challenging to envision in two-dimensional views, Eide Industries’ rendering capabilities showcases proposed concepts in 3D from any desired angle to answer, enlighten, identify and/or resolve any issues.

Whether it’s a permanent durable PTFE membrane canopy or deployable flexible PVC fabric structure, Tension Structures by Eide will help you discover new solutions to conventional design challenges.

Design Assist Capabilities Include:

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • ROM Budget Pricing
  • Material Selection
  • Renderings & Shade Studies
  • Custom Specifications
  • 3D Modeling
  • Drawing Review
  • Contract Documents