The rooftop of the Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital wing of the Angie Fowler Cancer Institute in Cleveland, OH has been designed to maximize inspiration and hope with myriad of landscape architectural features including the use of the Sequoia Modular Tension Structures.

These PTFE coated fiberglass canopies have superior light transmission and have a life expectancy of over 40 years. The project architects found our modular canopies in the SketchUp warehouse for free download. After reviewing the canopy integration into the 3D model, it was clear that these canopies were a seamless fit into the goals for this space. Because these canopies are scalable, we were able to create the 10’ x 10’ footprint they were looking for and engineer them for the specific site.

After some coordination of reaction loads and base plate design with the Engineer of Record, we were able to create an attachment detail that worked for this rooftop application.


Project Name: Angie Fowler Cancer Institute
Project Location: Cleveland, OH
Year Completed: 2014
Membrane Type: Sheerfill V, PTFE coated fiberglass
Wind Loads: 90 MPH, Snow Loads: 24 PSF
Total Project Size:  75 SQFT EA, 225 SQFT Total Coverage for 3 Units