With the design direction from Gensler, an array of triangular sails was installed to block reflections of sunlight from blinding patrons at the elegant Bistango restaurant. Although the restaurant is indoors, the glass walls of The Atrium building and the reflective surfaces of neighboring buildings caused sunlight issues at various times of day and throughout the entire year.

Soltis 92 fabric was selected for the shade sail material for its stylish look and, its ability to block 97% of light.

Three-foot diameter collars were used to clamp around the existing fiberglass columns in the courtyard. The collars were designed to soften the reaction loads of the stainless-steel cables on the brittle column cladding material.


Project Name: Atrium Irvine
Project Location: Irvine, CA
Year Completed: 2015
Membrane Type: PVC Mesh Soltis 92 White by Serge Ferrari
Wind Loads: None – Interiror Application
Total Project Size: 1,619 sqft