Baylor University Board of Directors approved several capital projects including the remodeling and expansion of the marina to better serve the campus community. RBDR Architects and K4 Construction approached Tension Structures, division of Eide Industries, to assist with the design of a fabric structure to provide significant shade with a nautical appearance while harmoniously integrating with the building and its surroundings.

Tension Structures offered the perfect solution involving two Sequoia Modules which met the aesthetic goals, engineering requirements, time frames and budget. The refined Tension Structures solution was so beneficial, Baylor and RBDR added a third canopy to the project.

Each upright post below-deck was hot-dipped galvanized to protect the frames from water corrosion from the routine overflow of the Brazos River into the marina basin. Each post was then installed through the roof-deck to mount to the grade below.

Thanks to a gift from the family of Baylor Regent Randy Pullin, BBA ’82, students, faculty, alumni and guests visiting the newly renamed Pullin Family Marina will benefit from multiple site improvements including three Sequoia Tension Structures overlooking the marina basin.


Project Name: Baylor University Marina Remodel
Project Location: Waco, TX
Year Completed: 2017
Membrane Type: Sheerfill V PTFE Architectural Membrane
Wind Loads: Engineered 115 MPH Wind-Loads, Exposure “D”
Total Project Size: Three (3) Sequoia Tension Structure Modules, with approximate shaded area of 300 sqft each