Oklahoma City was given a face-lift with the new construction of the Bicentennial Park located right in the heart of downtown. The two triangular fabric structures act as guardians to the park’s West Entrance. The PVC membranes have a layer of blackout material as part of its construction to maximize the shadow affect. Due to the snow loads and the flat design, the 36’ x 51’ membranes required tremendous amounts of pretension to avoid ponding and failure.  Dimensional accuracy was imperative as there is no adjustability for the tension of the membrane.


Project Name: Bicentennial Park
Project Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Year Completed: 2012
Membrane Type: White, Shelter-Rite 8028 Blackout with Kynar Fabric
Wind Loads: Engineered 90 MPH Wind Loads, Exposure “B”
Total Project Size: 29’-7” x 29’-7” x 41’-10″ (440 Square Feet)