The City of West Palm Beach, Florida required a wrinkle-free and waterproof canopy system to cover the outdoor stage at the CityPlace Shopping Center. Eide Industries was tasked with creating a fabric membrane to cover the outdoor performance stage at the City Place Project in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Eide designed an anticlastic (saddle-shaped) tension structure canopy system to cover the 600 square foot performance area. The material used for the membrane cover was W.L. Gore’s Tenara 4T20 Architectural Fabric. This elegant fabric has the highest light transmission ratio per strength on the market. Its strength is inherited from the ePTFE scrim and its opaqueness is a function of the Fluoropolymer coating.

The fabric patterning was created in house at Eide by using the latest form finding software solutions in our Engineering Department. Once the pattern shapes were identified, Eide defined the perimeters of each pattern by custom tailoring each panel right on the finished frame. The fabric membrane covers were installed beautifully, leaving the customer and community with a structure worth appreciating for decades.