Eide Industries completed the fabrication and installation of seven hyperbolic paraboloid (AKA as Hypar) tensile structures at the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, California. Eide was selected by Whiting-Turner Contracting to assist with the design refinement, project management, engineering, manufacturing and installation of these canopies on the second floor of the shopping center. The end result was a line of fabric structures which provided a signature look to the area while providing a combined shade coverage area of 1,176 square feet.

White Polyfab HDPE knitted mesh fabrics were utilized for the top covers to meet the 90MPH wind-load requirements. A combination of white polyester powder coat painted 12’ x 14’ steel frames, stainless steel cables and turn-buckles were mounted to the top of existing 10” diameter columns. Eide’s high standards of metal and fabric craftsmanship allowed for a successful design, engineering, fabrication and installation of the outdoor canopies for the mall patrons to enjoy for years to come.


Project Name: Fashion Valley Mall
Project Location: San Diego, CA
Membrane Type: White Polyfab HDPE Knitted Mesh Fabric
Wind Loads: 90MPH wind-load
Total Project Size: Combined shade coverage area is 1,176 square feet