The architectural firm of Bockus Payne and Associates was tasked by the Francis Tuttle Culinary School to cover the outdoor barbecue patio with something function and playful.  Eide Industries was approached by the architect in the early phases to assist with the design development to produce a responsible set of bid documents.  After competing publicly, Eide was able to secure the Francis Tuttle Technology Center Project with a low bid.

The special challenge was to reduce the reaction loads at the footings of the structure since the foundations were poured long before the patio shade structure was considered.  By re-configuring all the steel assembly points with moment connections instead of standard tabs, we were able to accommodate the existing concrete footings.

Another issue was to provide the desired color on the exterior of the canopy while maintaining a lighter, more reflective color on the inside of the canopy.  Eide selected two colors of PVC coated polyester fabric and sealing them together to form a single membrane.

The partnership between Bockus Payne and Associates and Eide resulted in a vibrant array of arched tension structures.  The membranes were constructed from two layers of PVC coated polyester fabric which incorporated rain diverters in the panels to guide the water away from the patio.


Project Name: Francis Tuttle Technology Center
Project Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Year Completed: 2012
Membrane Type: Serge Ferrari 502 and 1002-T2 Fabric Membranes
Total Project Size: Combined coverage area is 900 SF