This entry canopy is in Downtown Disney Orlando. It was part of an upgrade to the old crab shack that became the Paddlefish restaurant. Due to the frequent Florida thunderstorms, the canopy has a watertight skirt above the bale ring of the floating mast. Also, rain diverters were utilized to keep the water from shedding off the front and rear of the canopy. Coordination with the remodeled bridge design was critical to ensure the reaction loads did not exceed the capacity of the pedestrian footbridge that leads to the restaurant.


Project Name:  Barton Malow
Project Location: Orlando, FL
Year Completed: 2018
Membrane Type: Sheerfill II HT, w/ Everclean Topcoat
Wind Loads: N/A
Total Project Size:  30′-0″ Projection x 27′-0″ Width