The City of Riverdale, Georgia pulled out all the stops for the Bandshell Tension Canopy over their Civic Center Amphitheater. Working nearly a year with Architects and City Planners, Eide Industries, Inc. was awarded the construction and installation project of the City’s centerpiece.

The curvature of the City of Riverdale’s Amphitheater Canopy measures approximately 52’ wide with a 23’ projection. The entire perimeter of the Bandshell frame is made of 12” diameter stainless steel pipe. Field welding by Eide’s Installation Team was necessary to complete the seamless look of the bowed structure. The top of the line Tenara 4T20 Fabric Membrane features PTFE yarn scrim with a fluoropolymer coating for added strength and durability.


Project Name: Civic Center Amphitheater
Project Location: City of Riverdale, GA
Membrane Type: Tenara 4T20 F
Total Project Size: Approximately 52’ wide w/ a 23’ projection