The Macerich Company approached Eide Industries for another challenging project they were faced with at their Tysons Corner development in Northern Virginia. The renovations to the mixed-use urban expansion property required a flexible design in the hotel plaza that could accommodate three shade structures during the summer, but also be completely removed and stored for other seasonal amenities, such as an ice rink in its place. Each removable shade structure was designed with lightweight aluminum frame components and ten (10) easy to disassemble tensioned membranes made with flame-retardant mesh fabric.

All of these items were incorporated into the design and it was delivered on time and under budget. The powder coated aluminum frame components weighed no more than 238 pounds each. Low voltage lighting allowed the network of electrical cords to pass through the interior of the frame. Turnbuckles and pin connections made it easy to remove the fabric membranes. Stamisol FT 381, the high strength PVC coated polyester mesh fabric from Serge Ferrari is available in dozens of designer colors, has a tensile strength to sustain heavy snow loads and is 28% porous to prevent water ponding. For the deck anchorage, an in-line base plate was designed with a sheet metal wrap to hide the attachment bolts.


Project Name: Tysons Corner Plaza
Project Location: Tysons Corner, VA
Year Completed: 2014
Membrane Type: Flame-Retardant, Serge Ferrari Stamisol 381 Mesh Fabric, Cinnamon-Copper Color
Wind Loads: Engineered 90 MPH Wind Load, Exposure “C”
Total Project Size: Approx. 30’-6” Diameter by 13’-9” Height

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