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5 Advantages of Using Tension Structures for Parks

By January 27, 2020February 10th, 2020No Comments

Tension structures serve many functions and can be integrated into a variety of public spaces, including shopping centers, parks, institutions, and more. When designing or updating a recreational space such as a public park, tension structures can be a nice addition to the project because of their many benefits. See how a tension structure can dramatically improve your next public park project by learning about their many advantages.

Welcoming entrance

As you design a public park, the local community will want to utilize; it needs to be inviting — and every design choice you make is important. While the park’s amenities are one aspect, its design can really change the way people feel about wanting to spend their time there. 

One such idea is a welcoming entrance, and a tension structure can help you create a landmark design feature for the park. A centrally located tension structure used for shade and the main entrance also works as a centerpiece for the park that is easily recognizable to residents. 


Tensile structures can be used to identify the main entrance to a park. They also help patrons navigate the recreational areas and find their way around. Use tensile structures in a way that guides people from one area to another in the park for a more intuitive layout. This is an aesthetically pleasing way to encourage people to use all areas of the park, which, of course, is the goal for your project.

Gathering space

A tensile roof or structure can also create a sense of place in your park design. This can easily be stretched over a picnic table area where people would gather for birthday parties and more. The tension structure not only provides much-needed shade from the sun, but it also helps create that sense of coming together as a family or community. This cozy atmosphere also invites people to stay in the space a while.

Sun protection

Another excellent benefit, tension structures provide shade and protection from the sun. While getting outdoors and enjoying sunlight is necessary for our health and wellbeing, too much sun exposure isn’t as good. Creating areas with a tensile roof structure or tension structures, whether they’re installed above playgrounds, picnic tables, park benches, or sports facilities, can protect against the weather as well as sunlight.

Water Conservation

As more public parks and spaces use reclaimed water, you can also potentially include tension structures that can conserve water on the park property. Tensile membrane structures can block rain from disturbing park patrons, but they can also incorporate scuppers and drains that move water into a drain system for conservation.

You want your park design to be as appealing and practical as possible. Tension structures can enhance the overall park design and make it a great place where locals will want to visit. Learn from these tips and let us know if you have any questions on using tensile structures for parks.

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