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How Outdoor Dining Can Boost Your Restaurant’s Profits

By December 30, 2019January 14th, 2020No Comments

When it comes to dining out, it’s all about the experience: the beauty of the restaurant’s interior and ambiance, the great food, and how much you enjoyed your time there. This often includes a great outdoor dining setting, which is a popular spot for patrons.  

There’s a definite appeal to outdoor seating. The good news for restaurateurs? It can benefit your bottom line. By simply adding a deck or patio to your restaurant, which is an estimated $200,000 investment, your return could be as much as $500,000 in sales in one year and increased revenue of 30 percent, according to Simons Advisory Group.   

Curb appeal

When selecting where to dine, curb appeal matters. As guests approach a restaurant, an attractive outdoor dining area (think patio with attractive furnishings, lighting, and plants) has proven to be a much more popular option, even in the off-season. 

Alfresco dining in an appealing setting such as a sidewalk cafe or patio could lead to 10 to 30 percent increased sales, as mentioned in a Chicago Tribune article. When a restaurant has an opportunity to add outdoor dining, it’s always a worthwhile investment.

More seating available 

Outdoor seating gives guests more seating options, which is a plus for customers as well as staff. Guests can be seated outdoors without as long a wait to sit inside the restaurant. And with long wait times, guests would simply go elsewhere. Being able to serve guests right away can increase productivity and keep guests happy. 

Year-round options

With a covered patio, you not only give guests a comfortable area to dine, but you maximize your restaurant’s ability to profit from the outdoor dining space, even in the off-season. 

Sheltering your outdoor space is a must for your guests’ comfort. Some possible patio covers would include a patio umbrella, awning, canopy, pergola, or tensioned structure. You’ll also want to include space heaters or built-in infrared heat lamps to keep the area warm during the colder weather.

Paying careful attention to how you design your restaurant’s outdoor dining area is important to ensure your restaurant maximizes its profits. If you need help in deciding which shade structure is right for your restaurant, speak with one of our experts.  

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