Panzica Building Corporation out of South Bend, Indiana headed up the design-build construction efforts for the building remodel and expansion of the Success Academy South Bend (SASB), a K-6 Charter School.  Panzica designers were excited to use rich and vibrant fabrics in their project, but wanted to make sure they were producing a responsible and long term solution as well.

Panzica approached Eide after downloading the 3D Eucalyptus Modules (produced by Tension Structures) from the Trimble SketchUp Warehouse.  Figuring out how to produce the right colors to match their facade tiles and provide a 15-year fabric warranty was the tricky part.

In order to attain the fabric warranty requirements, Eide Industries designed a durable dual-layer solution.  We provided Panzica with several brochures of various PVC manufactures, giving them dozens of color options.  The final result was to vacuum seal and weld together flame-retardant Serge Ferrari Precontraint 1002 T2 fabric, as the top layer, to the colorful bottom layers of VIP-FR Fabric by Sauleda.

The project was completed on schedule just in time for the 2015-2016 school year.  We hope the children of Success Academy find inspiration as well as shelter under the Eide Tension Structures while they learn, grow and create long lasting childhood memories.


Project Name: Success Academy (SASB)
Project Location: South Bend, IN
Year Completed: 2016
Membrane Type: TOP Layer – White, Serge Ferrari Precontraint 1002 T2
Membrane Type: BOTTOM Layer – VIP-FR Fabric by Sauleda
Wind Loads: Engineered Wind Loads is 115 MPH (3 Second Gust), Exposure “B”
Total Project Size: Five (5) Eucalyptus Tension Structure Canopies – Approximately 20’ x 20’ each (total of 1,500 SF of shade)