The University of California, Santa Barbara Police Department required a outdoor canopy to be installed in a courtyard surrounded by buildings on all four sides. The canopy had to provide maximum shade coverage and help keep the courtyard area dry.

Thompson Naylor Architects contacted the Tension Structures Division of Eide Industries to assist with design options and recommendations. Eide recommended the pre-engineered Willow Tension Structure Canopy with bolted frame connections to allow for easy and economical installation. The fabric membrane cover would attach to the entire frame perimeter with awning rail to provide maximum coverage and help keep the courtyard dry.

After winning a public bid, Eide’s Installation Team utilized a large crane to lift all the hot dip galvanized frame and flame-retardant fabric pieces over the existing buildings. The tensioned courtyard canopy system was successfully installed to meet design, cost and functional expectations.


Project Name: UCSB Police Department Courtyard Canopy
Project Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Year Completed: 2014
Membrane Type: Serge Ferrari Precontraint 502 (Color: 2173 Tuscan)
Wind Loads: Engineered for 115 MPH Wind Loads, Exposure D
Total Project Size: Approx. 702 sq.ft. shade coverage area