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Light-weight PVC coated Polyester fabric are generally used for short span tension structures or framed fabric structures. PVC membranes can be sealed together using RF (radio frequency) or they can be sewn like HDPE fabrics. RF sealing heats the overlap seam from the middle like a microwave so a strong chemical bond occurs. These fabrics are available off the shelf in cut yardage, so this helps with availability and cost. There are hundreds of colors available. Here are some of the most reputable manufacturers and respective products:

  • Serge Ferrari Precontraint 502
  • SauledaVIP-FR
  • Naizil BTF19
  • Seaman Corporation Shelter-Rite

PVC MEMBRANE (LIGHT-WEIGHT) | Tension Structures

Success Academy (SASB) – South Bend, IN

UCSB Police Department – Santa Barbara, CA

Government of Aruba – Oranjestad, Aruba

Oaks Christian School – Westlake Village, CA