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Practical Benefits of Using Tensioned Fabric Structures Inside

By May 31, 2018September 26th, 2019No Comments

Practical Benefits of Interior Usage of Tensioned Fabric StructuresTensioned fabric structures are widely celebrated for their aesthetic and functional benefits in landscape designs and for building exteriors, but there are also many interior applications for the membranes.  Inside, tensioned fabric structures have a wealth of benefits including better acoustics, beautiful shading solutions, artistic design options, and branding opportunities.

If you’re looking for unique solutions to interior design challenges with your new construction or renovation project, it may be time to consider the practical benefits of tensioned fabric structures.

Improved Acoustics

Due to the high prevalence of hard and reflective surfaces, modern buildings often suffer from problematic acoustic reverberation issues.  From echoes to volume, poor acoustics can make it hard to have normal conversation over the loud background noise.  For minor acoustic issues, tensioned fabric can help to absorb some of those sound waves, and for more significant challenges, tensioned fabric structures can be designed to hide unsightly high-frequency acoustic foams.

Beautiful Interior Shading

While tensile facades are ideal for providing superior shading on a building’s exterior, there are also many options for providing sun protection from the inside.  While shade sails have been the leading traditional choice for interior shade structures, new innovations in retractable tensioned structures have opened a world of opportunity.  At a push of a button, the tensioned fabric panels can extend to cover skylights or hard to reach windows while maintaining the room’s clean style and modern design.

Innovative Suspended Ceilings & Wall Panels

Tensioned fabric structures have endless potential for customized suspended ceilings, wall panels, and room dividers.  Industrial spaces may use tensioned fabric to soften the space or cover exposed metal, while institutional-looking buildings may turn to uniquely shaped membranes to add depth and dimension.  Similarly, big open areas can be transformed into warmer, intimate spaces.  The options are only limited by your imagination.

Custom Branding Opportunities

Developing a recognizable brand adds great value to your company.  Tensioned fabric structures can support your branding efforts by subtly adding pops of your company colors into your building’s interior or through more direct advertising, like using digital printing to display your logo prominently.  It’s all about what’s right for your business, your audience, and your space.

Are Tensioned Fabric Structures Right for Your Next Project?

In the Tension Structures Division of Eide Industries, we specialize in design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of structurally complex and creatively challenging commercial, government, and prototype design projects.  We provide expertise and support for architects, landscape designers, general contractors, and property owners to develop their custom tensile membrane project ideas and construct iconic structures.

Explore the options for your next project.  Contact one of our experts today by calling 800-422-6827.