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Project Highlight: All-Weather Canopies for Grand Sierra Resort

By September 24, 2019November 11th, 2019No Comments

All-Weather Canopies for Grand Sierra ResortAs the premier full-service resort and casino in Reno, Nevada, the Grand Sierra Resort strives to provide “an inclusive, never-have-to-leave experience for discerning casino players and resort vacationers.”  However, with blistering heat in the summer and icy temperatures in the winter, the property struggled to create outdoor spaces that were usable year-round.  The team at Tension Structures was honored to design, manufacture, and install all-weather canopies for the Grand Sierra Resort – helping them achieve their vision of maximizing their outdoor amenities regardless of the changing seasons.

The Grand Sierra Resort

From the onsite amenities (like multiple pools, full-service spa, the city’s largest casino, and more) to the area attractions (like golf courses, ski resorts, and festivals) – it’s no wonder that the Grand Sierra Resort attracts guests all year long.

The goal was to create a comfortable space where guests could relax by the pool, hot tubs, fire pits, and/or outdoor bar – while being shaded from overwhelming summer heat and protected from winter’s snowy nights.  The solution was all-weather canopies designed with PTFE-Coated Fiberglass Fabric (by Chukoh) and engineered for wind-loads up to 115mph – creating 6,778 sqft of total coverage.

The All-Weather Canopies

The original vision for the project called for a flat roof design, which poses significant challenges when working with tensioned fabric architecture.  Ultimately, flat tensioned fabric rooftops are at risk of system failures because of the potential for snow or rain pooling (aka ponding) on the membrane.  This can put pressure on the fabric, frame, and cables until the load exceeds the structure’s capacity.  To avoid mistakes like this while creating initial concepts, read about How to Start Designing with Tensioned Fabric Architecture (in 3 Simple Steps) on our blog.

Since both rain and snow were important environmental considerations in this project’s location, we instead designed subtle support arches under the membrane, which controlled the flow of rainwater and resolved any ponding concerns.  These arches added structural efficiency by supporting the tension between the columns, and the upper frames were engineered to support the lower frames with hanger rods.

The arching framework was incredibly functional, but its zigzagging patterns proved to add modern elegance and grandeur to the structure, too – both as guests looked up from the comfort of the bar area and as they looked down from the hotel towers.  Its design helped to distribute the load while adding iconic style to the overall project.

The waterproof PTFE-Coated Fiberglass Fabric delivered 12% light transmission during the day but also provided a post-sunset opportunity.  To take the project’s aesthetics to the next level, we incorporated LED up-lighting – empowering the Grand Sierra Resort to create a distinct night identity with their custom all-weather canopies.

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